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Book Sale

2024 Used Book Sale

2024 Used Book Sale.png

Donation Guide


(only items in good condition)

Hard and soft cover books for adults, youth and children
Pre-Recorded CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays,Talking Books, Sheet Music

Not Wanted

The following items will not be offered for sale and, if received, will go directly into the dumpster bins.  Please help us reduce costs and volunteer time by not donating the following items. Please dispose/recycle at your own residence or donate books in good condition to other organizations.

Yellowed, torn, musty, marked-up, or otherwise damaged items, Library discards, Textbooks, Magazines, Periodicals, LP’s and audiotapes, VHS tapes, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Reference Books, Reader’s Digest Condensed Novels, out of date travel, business, computer, tax guides.

Donation Guide
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