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Privacy Policy

CFUW K-W is committed to the protection of the personal information of its members, CFUW K-W scholarship/award/bursary recipients and those with whom it does business.  It adheres to the privacy policies of CFUW where applicable and operates in accordance with Ontario’s privacy laws. 


1.  Collection of Membership Data

CFUW K-W membership information and photographs are collected by CFUW K-W to create a database.  This database is used to publish a membership directory to be used ONLY by members of CFUW for Club business.


2. Restricted Use of Membership Data

a.  The CFUW K-W membership database will not be sold, loaned, shared or provided in any way to anyone or to any other organization except for the purposes specified in 1).

b.   Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP) permission is needed to print/post images and/or personal information of CFUW K-W members in the Club’s monthly newsletter, website, Facebook page and Twitter account if a member has indicated any objection on her CFUW K-W Member Registration form.

c.   The CFUW K-W membership directory exists for the exclusive use of CFUW K-W members.  Information and photographs contained in it shall not be used by Club members for the marketing of goods and/or services not related to CFUW and shall not be used by non-members of CFUW for any purpose.

Definitions for the Purposes of this Policy:

personal information – any piece of information that helps to identify a person such as name, street address, email address, phone number

database – a digital file of information on people or things

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